45 yr old female looking for a room in your house. I have been at the same place for 10yrs. I work a lot and keep to myself..
Hello, my name is Justin I am looking to rent on the first. I am on SSD and work under the table whenever possible so rent is never an issue. I am a an introvert and would be spending nearly all of my free time in my room watching my tv,online or on occasion out with a friend. Very quiet and enjoy alone time. I do have an 11 year old son that I wantneed to have either Friday or Saturday night
I'm a 33-year-old College Grad working in Hatboro/Horsham. I start school in January to earn Masters. I'm currently living with a roommate and just looking to get out after 5 yrs looking to move out of the suburbs and get a place EastFalls/Maayunk/Fairmount/Rittenhouse. I'm the kind of roommate you'll actually see and talk to and hopefully be friends with. Respectful of common space and clean ...
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